Switch to a new firewall

Trade in your old firewall keep your data safe

Take the chance to upgrade your security, under a limited time we will give you a great offer when you return your old firewall. This is the perfect time to renew your security since GDPR is coming. After the 25th of may it is important that you protect your data the best way you can. We now give you an excellent reason to make sure that your data is safe!


Ramsomware is on the rise. The impact of downtime, business interruption and reputation damage cannot be underestimated. Download our infographic to see how ransomware is impacting SMBs.

GDPR - It's here!

GDPR impacts all businesses in the way they manage and secure data. It replaces existing data protection laws of individual countries across the EU. Is your business ready? See what it really costs if you are not protected.

Security Audit - Do it Now!

At Zyxel we want our customers to be safe from any suspected ransomware and attacks. As a step in ensure us that we provide the best solution for you and your company we have developed a security audit. Take it today and let Zyxel be your security ally!